Practical, Actionable Strategies Lead to Meaningful Results


Sometimes, the pathway to success is dotted with lessons learned through years of trial and error. The wisdom that comes with time and experience is invaluable, but what if that wisdom could be delivered to you, saving you years of navigating the complexities of career management? This is the heart of how Beyond Barriers has transformed talent development at Canyon Partners.

"Beyond Barriers is a comprehensive, targeted, and practical career management program that delivers knowledge, tools, and wisdom. Most professionals get there by trial and error over decades. Beyond Barriers delivers meaningful transformation in just 12 weeks," said Hanan Dakhil, SVP of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Canyon Partners. 

It is almost never ambition or ability that holds talented people back. It's often a gap in navigational skills that most career development programs don't teach. That's where Beyond Barriers stands out. 

Comprehensive Solutions for Real-World Challenges

Our participants face diverse challenges, but they all seek one thing: growth. Regardless of industry or career stage, Beyond Barriers is designed to address these multifaceted needs holistically. From unique value proposition, to gravitas and executive presence, to leadership skills and negotiation strategies, our participants gain the kind of comprehensive understanding typically earned through years on the job.

 We don't offer a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we meticulously tailor our content to meet the personal career objectives of each participant. This bespoke experience ensures that the knowledge and skills acquired are directly applicable to their unique situations.

Tools Tuned for Tomorrow

Beyond Barriers provides participants with an arsenal of resources. These are practical tools and strategies, designed for immediate application. Whether it's creating an impactful professional profile or understanding how to network effectively in today’s digital world, we focus on future proofing professionals who will lead tomorrow, today. 

Wisdom is the Ultimate Game-Changer

We bridge the gap between knowledge and wisdom, ensuring that every piece of advice comes with context and clarity.

"It is elegant in its simplicity, yet so powerful in its impact."

We believe that the true power of Beyond Barriers lies in its ability to demystify the journey to success. Beyond Barriers breaks down the often daunting process of career advancement into clear, manageable steps.


The success we've shared with Canyon Partners speaks to the impact we create for all of our members and the organizations they serve. It's not just in the immediate results, which are, of course, significant. It's about the lasting change that participants carry with them. This echoes in their careers long after they've completed the program, influencing every decision they make and every goal they achieve.