A Catalyst for Culture and Leadership at Salesforce

Salesforce understands the power of investing in people. The commitment to building a strong company culture and a robust pipeline for future leadership is inherent in everything they do. But translating this commitment into action can be a challenge for individual leaders. The revenue teams at Salesforce found the solution in the transformative power of Beyond Barriers.

Brianna Elefant is VP of Enterprise Sales at Salesforce and she witnessed firsthand the program's exceptional impact, resonating through the corporate strata and enriching the bedrock of the business.

Developed with precision and purpose, the program’s curriculum is not a prescriptive set of instructions; rather, it is a curated collection of strategies, tailored to augment individual success. The beauty of the program lies in its malleability—it stretches to fit the contours of multiple business units and teams, becoming a celebration of diversity in thought and action.

"Beyond Barriers provides strategies our employees need to succeed," Brianna astutely observes. Teams are the lifeblood of an organization when we nurture people, we nurture the future of the enterprise. 

Beyond Barriers has cultivated a community at Salesforce, one that has reinforced cultural foundations. Imagine a forum where employees thrive on mutual encouragement, healthy dialogue, and the shared pursuit of excellence. This is the community Beyond Barriers has fostered—a beacon of solidarity and support.

Empowerment is another core facet of the program. "Beyond Barriers has enabled us to invest in our top talent," Brianna points out, highlighting an essential aspect of our strategy for growth. Through Beyond Barriers, we identify and nurture potential leaders, ensuring the pipeline for leadership is not just filled but flowing with skill and innovation.

The cascading effect of the program’s success is evident not only in the words of our people but also in the tangibles: enhanced performance, heightened morale, and a vibrant, inclusive company culture that beams proudly to the external world.

Salesforce stands by the success of the Beyond Barriers as a definitive part of the journey to excellence, and we invite you to consider how such a transformative experience could be pivotal for your organization too.

Discover the strategies that can empower your employees. Experience the strength of community. Invest in your future leaders. Scale your business units not only for amplified success but for a culture enriched with community and collaboration.