How Ares is Cultivating Diverse Leaders Across the Globe


At Ares, we recognize that the tapestry of talent within our firm is interwoven with threads of diversity, each strand bringing its own unique pattern to the fabric of our success. It's not just about doing what’s right; it’s about embracing a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) approach that unleashes the power of difference, transforming it into a driving force behind our success and that of the companies we champion.

Indhira Arrington, Global Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer put it best, "We joined forces with Beyond Barriers because they are acutely tuned into the alternative investment management industry, Ares’ culture, and our goals." 

Our collaboration is designed around a DEI framework that aims not only to mirror the diversity of the world around us but to actively engage it. It's the backbone of what makes us pioneers in our field — we're not just responding to the call for inclusivity; we're proactively integrating it into the very blueprint of our enterprise.

The heart of our alliance lies within Beyond Barriers' innovative platform — a fertile ground for nurturing leadership potential. It's where our employees' ambitions are given room to grow, where their capabilities are sharpened, and where the essence of our workplace culture thrives. "Beyond Barriers’ innovative platform helps us cultivate future leaders at scale and has been widely cited by participants as being an instrumental tool in their career development." The proof is in the growth of the people, their elevated careers a testament to the effective merging of our aspirations with Beyond Barriers’ expertise.

Thriving through the challenges of the alternative investment management industry requires a boldness that is not only embraced at Ares but championed. True boldness comes from putting theory into practice — that means nurturing the future leaders of this fast-evolving industry. The participants of Beyond Barriers have echoed the sentiments of empowerment and progression. It’s a clear signal to us that together, as founding partners, we are setting benchmarks, carving out new pathways for professional growth.

"I’m thrilled that we are a founding partner and I’m excited to grow our impact together," said Ms. Arrington. 

This alliance has propelled both Ares and Beyond Barriers beyond the threshold of conventional diversity practices. It's the difference-maker in the communities where we operate, impacting lives, and shaping futures. The ripple effect of our DEI efforts is visible — measurable not just within our firm but also in the companies we nurture and in the societal expanse we influence.

Intrigued by the transformation Ares and Beyond Barriers are spearheading? Join us as we continue to expand our horizons and amplify our impact.