Overcoming Career Plateaus as a Seasoned Executive

As a seasoned executive, you've achieved a great deal in your career. But even the most successful executives can reach a point where they feel stuck. Follow theseconcrete steps you can take to re-energize your professional ambition and accelerate your progression.


Steps to Re-ignite Your Career Momentum

1. (Re)identify your goals and aspirations

As a seasoned executive, you've achieved a great deal in your career. But even the most successful executives can reach a point where they feel stuck. Whether your career progress feels like it's stalled because you're missing challenge in your current role, you need to develop new skills or experiences in order to advance, or your position doesn't enable the kind of impact you crave, don't worry. There's a playbook and concrete steps you can take to re-energize your ambition and accelerate progress. Having reached this stage in your career, you’re no stranger to setting goals and accomplishing them, but if your career no longer aligns to the vision you have for your professional impact and influence, it might be time to reflect and refine your career aspirations.

Finding clarity on the unique value you bring to your work, the skills and competencies that you excel in, and the “why” behind what you do can help you to feel reinvigorated and reestablish the career mojo you’ve been missing.

2. Assess your competency gaps

Once you’ve gained clarity about your career path from here, you’ll need to take a look at the skills and experiences you’ve accumulated to identify those that you want to continue to emphasize and which you may need to strengthen. Are you an exceptional negotiator or people leader? Do you love to influence the behavior of others or do you feel most fulfilled developing strategy? To move forward successfully, you’ll likely need to exert some energy developing and demonstrating mastery of new competencies. 

If you’re not sure how to identify or prioritize the competencies you need to focus on, solicit feedback from next-level peers, your manager or leadership team, or professional networks. 

3. Develop a plan to close your gaps

Once you know which competencies you need to focus on to prepare yourself for the next level, you’ll want to develop a plan and take action. You may choose to enroll in more formal education (courses, certificate programs, etc.), attend conferences, or seek out opportunities to take on new projects at work. No matter what you choose, be sure that your plan is actionable, measurable, and sustainable.

You may be used to accomplishing all you set your mind to quickly but you’ll want to be realistic about the timeline required for developing the skills - or influence - you’ll need to move to transition to your next level. It may take several months or even years to develop the skills and experience you need to move forward. If you're committed to your goals and you're willing to put in the work, you can achieve them.

How The Beyond Barriers Executive Accelerator Can Help

The Beyond Barriers Executive Accelerator program was designed specifically to help senior executives (those with 15+ years of experience) maximize their impact and influence and advance in their careers. 

Guided by a Beyond Barriers certified executive coach, the Executive Accelerator brings senior leaders from across industries together to:

  • Learn researched-backed strategies to become future ready 
  • Master coaching skills to develop talent and unlock potential in others
  • Turn their expertise into influence within and beyond their organization 

Overcoming a career plateau can be challenging, but it's not impossible. As a senior leader, you have the experience and perspective to reignite your passion and reclaim the driver’s seat of your career. The Beyond Barriers Executive Accelerator can help you do just that so that you can accelerate your career momentum and go further, faster.