Owning Your Power with Jennifer Brown, Founder and CEO of Jennifer Brown Consulting (JBC)


Jennifer Brown


Jennifer Brown’s path in life unexpectedly changed early on. She thought she would find her fulfillment as an opera singer, but fate had other plans. After experiencing issues with her singing voice, she now helps everyone around her find their own unique voices in work and life.

This podcast is jam-packed with insights about thriving in today’s workplace. As an expert in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), Jennifer shares with us how she finds motivation and creates communities of inclusion. She thinks it’s important that you let your voice be heard and find out what you’re a leader in. Jennifer gives us great tips on developing your own personal brand and standing up in your power. 

She talks to us about how she connects talent with companies and gives back to her community through education. She doesn’t really believe in gurus because she feels there is wisdom in all of us. Join us as we learn so much more from Jennifer.

“Be willing to be shaped by the moment.”

Jennifer Brown