Making an Impact and Affecting Change with Michele Ruiz, CEO, Co-Founder of BiasSync



CEO & Co-Founder of BiasSync

Michele Ruiz has seemingly done it all. But in reality, while she’s been very successful in multiple fields, she’s really an expert at bringing the right people together to fulfill the vision at hand. 

Michele’s background is in broadcasting and has had a very successful career as a news anchor. She wanted to make an impact through broadcasting by affecting change and worked toward helping other Latinas in the industry. However, she’s an entrepreneur at heart and found herself co-founding a science-based technology company focused on enabling organizations to effectively assess and manage unconscious bias in the work environment. She’s an expert at seeing gaps and coming up with solutions. 

During our conversation, Michele vulnerably shares about how the loss of her infant son 20 years ago changed her perspective on everything. From that experience, as an optimist, she learned to take calculated risks because after experiencing that loss–”What’s the worst that can happen?” She believes in the importance of focusing on gratitude as a key to her survival. Her joyfulness comes through in the time she spends with us in this podcast. Join us as she shares her insights about how you don’t have to have all the answers to move forward toward success.

“Passion is what keeps you going on the toughest days.”

Michele Ruiz