How to Implement Family Inclusive Benefits for LGBTQ+ Employees

As companies continue to work on DEI initiatives and goals, one area of focus has been family-inclusive benefits for LGBTQ+ workers. Even if inequities weren’t baked into benefits on purpose, simple things like referring to parental leave as “maternity leave” can shut employees out.

“Some organizations weren’t paying attention or just weren’t realizing there were systemic barriers, even within their benefits, and are taking a look at employee benefits and making sure all their benefits cater to the diverse needs of their employees,” said Monica Marquez, co-founder and chief learning officer at HR technology company Beyond Barriers.

In the last five years, we have seen more organizations really thinking about FMLA and parental leave, shifting even the language from maternity leave to parental leave so that fathers could also take time off to care and bond with a child.

Monica Marquez