Working with Your Inner Voice Featuring Author, International Speaker, Self-Intelligence Coach, and Former Dental Oncologist, Dr. Jessica Metcalfe



CEO/Founder of Alchemy Academy

As a dentist, Dr. Jessica Metcalfe had to intentionally manage and minimize her perfectionism. Through this work, she started on a journey of understanding her inner voice. Today, she talks about what she’s learned along the way from dentist to coach. 

According to Dr. Metcalfe, there is power in our inner voices. She tells us about two theories behind how our inner self speaks to us and how the imposter syndrome plays a part in the way we view ourselves. In this podcast, Dr. Metcalfe teaches us to reframe our inner voice and stop using the word “just” to downplay our accomplishments. 

Helping high achieving women find and listen to their inner voices is Dr. Metcalfe’s passion. Through this experience, she’s able to share with us how to reframe our doubts and failures and set up a community of support around us. Sit back and listen to all the gems Dr. Metcalfe shares with us in this episode. 

"Your brain requires tangible information to start to remind you that you are in fact capable."

Dr. Jessica Metcalfe