Where Competition Meets EQ: Jennifer des Groseilliers, Partner and Chief Experience at WestPoint Financial Group

Episode #266

Jennifer des Groseilliers

Partner and Chief Experience at WestPoint Financial Group

As a former Division 1 basketball captain, Jennifer learned leadership and resilience, skills she took with her as she pursued her law degree and eventually, her career in financial planning. Starting out as an advisor to others, Jen eventually formed, ran and sold her very successful practice. She is now the Chief Experience Officer and Partner at WestPoint Financial group, one of the largest advisory firms in the midwest. 

Jennifer loves to solve problems and she loves getting to know the people she works with, mostly so that she can help them succeed. In this podcast, Jennifer emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence and managing your emotions at work. She talks about how vital patience and resilience are to being a good employee. 

But Jennifer’s ultimate superpower? Her competitive nature. She says her athletic background has helped her deal with the complexity of her career. 

On a personal note, Jennifer has had challenges with her health that led her to making self-care a priority. She balances pushing herself and meeting her goals with getting plenty of sleep and exercise. She doesn’t really believe in work/life balance but rather finding a perfect imbalance. This podcast is a wealth of insight and inspiration we’ve just touched on here, so join us as Jennifer shares her wisdom with us in this podcast.

“I always think, what else can we do better?”

Jennifer des Groseilliers