The Accidental Activist: How Helping Others Sparked a Movement

Episode #301

Wendy Diamond

Founder & CEO of Women's Entrepreneurship Day Organization


Step into the incredible story of Wendy Diamond, whose early entrepreneurial spirit set off a powerful movement in the world of women’s entrepreneurship.

This episode brings you Nikki Barua guiding an engaging conversation with Wendy Diamond, the innovative CEO and Founder of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization. Get ready to dive into Wendy’s journey as she shares the key moments and decisions that transformed her into a source of motivation and change for entrepreneurs everywhere.

Our special guest, celebrated for her creative and socially mindful approach to business, has truly made a difference. Come along as we explore the breadth of Wendy’s influence and the lasting impact of her efforts on women’s entrepreneurship across the globe.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Dollar Donation Club: Enable everyone in the world to donate a dollar to the most impactful projects in the world. Visit the website to learn about amazing initiatives and be a part of it.
  • OpenGrants: Access grants through artificial intelligence. Visit the website to create a profile and get alerts when grants are available.
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"The first thing we have to realize is that we control our mind."

Wendy Diamond