The Secrets to Success with Lisa Jones, CEO of Amundi US, Inc.

Episode #259

Lisa Jones

CEO of Amundi US, Inc.

Success doesn't come easy, but Lisa Jones, Head of the Americas, President, and CEO of Amundi US, Inc., knows that a strong work ethic and an unyielding commitment to your goals can make all the difference. Raised in an Italian Catholic family, Lisa learned the power of discipline from her days as an athlete, and she was able to take that knowledge to the professional world. 

In this episode, she'll share the secrets of her success, including how to maintain composure in tough situations and why it's important to stay optimistic and focus on the positives. 

Listen in to learn more about how Lisa makes tough decisions and how she prepares herself for the future. She'll also tell us about the time she retired to become a stay-at-home mom and how the events of 2020 changed her perspective on work-life balance. 

Join us to discover how Lisa has used her perseverance to not only break through barriers, but to create a life of success and personal fulfillment.

“Don't just lean in, go get 'em.”

Lisa Jones