The Power of Possibility: A Conversation with Tina Manikas

Episode #275

Tina Manikas

President | The Tracy-Locke Group

Meet Tina Manikas, President of Tracy-Locke, an Omnicom company, is a seasoned veteran in marketing and advertising. Tina shares profound insights from her career journey, promoting a message of empowerment and self-advocacy for women in the industry.

A game-changer in the industry, Tina's story is anything but ordinary. A fortunate encounter sparked her interest in marketing during her college years, leading her to ambitiously climb the ladder and amass a wealth of experience, eventually becoming the President of Tracy-Locke.

Throughout her journey, Tina championed two paramount ethos: self-promotion and the power of generosity. Tina advocates for individuals to be more proactive, stepping up as their most enthusiastic promoter and seizing opportunities to showcase their intrinsic worth. Complementing this self-belief, she extols the virtues of kindness and openness, underscored in the sharing of ideas and mutual uplifting within the industry.

In this inspiring interview, women in marketing and advertising get a tangible blueprint on overcoming challenges, capitalizing on opportunities, and unlocking their boundless potential. Tina's story serves as a powerful reminder to women everywhere: Advocate for your own worth, actively search for opportunities, and maintain a mindset of persistent progression.

Join Brooke Skinner Ricketts on an incredible ride, as she unravels Tina's empowering journey and learn how you too can tap into 'The Power of Possibility'.

Realize that failure is a life lesson. Take time to heal, reflect on what could have been done differently, and use it as ammunition to succeed in the future.”

Tina Manikas