The Power of Gratitude with Naz Vahid, Head of Citi Global Wealth at Work

Episode #263


Head of Citi Global Wealth at Work

In this interview, our guest is Naz Vahid - Head of Citi Global Wealth at Work. 

Naz Vahid leads her life with gratitude. She escaped Iran as a young girl and it shaped who she became. She adapted to her new life in America by putting effort into everything and never taking anything for granted. Taking on responsibilities at an early age taught her important life skills –all of which has served her professionally.

Throughout her career, Naz has taken on a variety of roles and increasingly bigger responsibilities by always learning and growing. Naz shares how listening to feedback, avoiding complacency, and building great relationships helped her achieve her ambitions. She believes we elevate others by elevating ourselves. 

When it comes to social issues in the workplace, Naz thinks it’s important that we get uncomfortable and show our authenticity. She recognizes it is harder for women and minorities to navigate their careers and is determined to make it easier for the younger generations. 

“Every time you elevate yourself, you elevate someone behind you as well.”

Naz Vahid