The Importance of Humility and Being Up for a Challenge with Meredith Lorenz Heimburger, Partner and Head of Impact at Global Endowment Management

Episode # 253

Meredith Lorenz Heimburger

Partner and Head of Impact at Global Endowment Management

A lifelong learner, Meredith Lorenz Heimburger, Partner and  Head of Impact at Global Endowment Management, loves new challenges. She’s not stuck in old ways of thinking and is open to new ideas. She sees education as the great equalizer. 

As a leader in integrating mission and values into portfolios, she knows how to fail and keep going. In fact, it’s in her blood. Meredith feels being humble, flexible, and open to feedback are keys to her success. She believes that when we are open to change, we gain the most reward. She learned this herself when she became a leader unexpectedly when she originally thought she’d be a stay-at-home mom.

Having been asked to be the contrarian in her professional life, she’s comfortable with being different. Listen while Meredith shares her wisdom with us about how to ask for two things rather than one when we seek help and how to successfully separate our work and personal lives.

“I wasn’t born with the skill set to fail and give up, I was born to fail and keep going.”

Meredith Lorenz Heimburger