The Importance of Bringing Value with Rachel ten Brink, General Partner and Co-Founder at Red Bike Capital

Episode #256

Rachel ten Brink

General Partner and Co-Founder at Red Bike Capital

Rachel ten Brink is known by many as the "Stealth Latina," and  a true trailblazer. She has always believed in the power of diversity and has used her unique background and perspective to make a difference in the worlds of venture capital and tech. Her commitment to bringing value to every aspect of her life - from work to relationships to family - is a testament to her dedication and passion.

As the first Latina to raise $29M for her tech company, Rachel knows what it takes to succeed in a competitive industry. She has learned the importance of what not to do as much as what should be done, and she believes in investing in companies that empower the economy and improve people's lives.

Rachel's killer instinct and boundary-setting skills are equally matched by her kindness and compassion. She understands the importance of mentor relationships as a two-way street of communication and sharing, and she values education as a key to unlocking one's full potential.

In this podcast, Rachel inspires us to put our own skin in the game, to believe in ourselves, and to never let anyone else define our worth. Join us as we learn from Rachel's incredible journey and gain the inspiration and insights we need to break through barriers in our own lives. 

“When you think about building your brand, it can’t all be about me, me, me. You have to think about your audience.”

Rachel ten Brink