The Art of Connecting With Susan McPherson, Founder & CEO of McPherson Strategies

Episode #258

Susan McPherson

Founder & CEO | McPherson Strategies

Susan McPherson has an early memory that shaped her perspective on how to build relationships. Growing up, she would watch her parents sit at the breakfast table every morning, cutting out newspaper articles that they found interesting. Every day, they wrote notes to their friends and sent it in the mail along with the newspaper cuttings. It was their way of saying “I’m thinking of you” and nurturing relationships with friends and family. 

In this episode, Susan shares the keys to connecting with people and what you can do to nurture relationships. As a successful entrepreneur, she credits her people skills to building a thriving business.

She encourages us to always look for ways to be helpful to others. Learn practical tips and proven principles in Susan’s book, “The Lost Art of Connecting: The Gather, Ask, Do Method for Building Meaningful Relationships.” 

“For me, it’s alway been leading with how we can be helpful to others.”

Susan McPherson