The Feedback Factor: Charting Your Career with Truth-Tellers

Episode #298

Terri Fiedler

President of Retirement Services at Corebridge Financial


Give your career that extra push and improve your performance with tips from our guest, Terri Fiedler, President of Retirement Services at Corebridge Financial.

Terri, an accomplished professional in the financial services industry, shares her journey from a nutrition degree to her current role. Follow along as she enlightens us with her unexpected journey from nutrition to finances, proving that overcoming challenges is all part of the game. We'll also delve into the crucial role of collaboration, the advantage of diverse skill sets within teams, and why self-awareness is key.

To all you go-getters out there, Terri's candid advice on seeking unfiltered feedback and cultivating professional relationships will resonate with you.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Elevate your performance by seeking valuable feedback.
  • Expand your career horizons by building a powerful professional network.
  • Master the art of goal-setting and turn failures into stepping stones.

 Join us, and let's discover together the power of resilience, the joy of lifelong learning, and the importance of fostering a supportive professional tribe around you.

"Until the clock runs out, don't give up on the goal."

Terri Fiedler