Taking Risks and Failing Forward with Ingrid Kiefer, Canyon Partners

Episode #239

Ingrid Kiefer

Head of Business Development and Client Relations at Canyon Partners

Life is not about being perfect. You’re going to make mistakes, especially if you take risks. Our guest Ingrid Kiefer shares insights into her success at work. She believes in taking risks early in your career where the potential failures will not be as impactful as further down the line. Ingrid has created her own opportunities and found success in being authentic and accountable. Ingrid shares stories of how taking ownership creates the right outcomes for the business and for your career.

Grounded by her family, Ingrid tells us how important our personal lives are to success at work. She also talks about how there is power in saying no, not only for our personal boundaries but for the person who needs to know if they can count on you. Join us as we learn from Ingrid how to take risks, fail forward, and be ourselves at work.

“Fail early, fail small. Fail later, fail big.”

Ingrid Kiefer