Claiming Your Seat at the Head of the Table with Stacy Devine, CIO of RPTC

Episode #276

Stacy Devine


Stacy Devine knew from a young age that the field of finance was for her. While other kids were playing, she enjoyed balancing a budget. She even loaned her sister money and charged her interest. She later took an accounting class in school and was hooked. She pursued her CPA and started her career at Ernst & Young as a certified public accountant. 

Today, Stacy finds herself as the Chief Investment Officer of RPTC,  a private trust company for a single family office in Chicago. With all of her accomplishments, it might be hard to believe that Stacy was always underestimated and had to prove herself over and over again. She took this as an opportunity to build her courage. She finds great strength from her solid network of support (including her husband and friends) to keep finding the courage to claim her seat at the table.

When Stacy needs to make a decision, she always tries to discover what are the opposite opinions. She’ll seek out other points of view and then see how they affect her convictions. She also knows the importance of just stopping what she’s doing and having fun with her family because there will always be a million things to do. She has learned to give up on perfection to have more balance in her life. Join us as Stacy shares her wisdom as a leader in her field.

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“It’s important to see both sides of an argument and understand it. You can then challenge your view to have much better convictions in the decisions you're making.”

Stacy Devine