Run Towards the Fire with TPG’s CHRO Anilu Vazquez-Ubarri

If there were a fire, which way would you run? Would your first instinct be to run towards it or away from it?

In this episode you will get to know Anilu Vazquez-Ubarri, who credits her success as a leader to always setting fears aside and running towards the fire. Anilu shares her journey from Puerto Rico to Princeton to Wall Street, choosing faith over fear when challenging opportunities presented themselves. She shares her story so other young Latinx can follow in her footsteps and rise up from the ashes like a phoenix.


[02:35] Anilu’s story
[05:07] When opportunity presents itself
[08:05] Overcoming limiting beliefs
[11:12] Gaining access to influential leaders
[13:51] Learned success habit
[17:11] How do you find your truth tellers
[21:24] Ask for clarity in the moment feedback is given
[27:11] Having difficult conversations virtually
[31:19] Learning to adapt quickly
[36:16] What to focus on when negotiating
[42:08] The key to accelerating success


“Share your story, even when you’re not completely clear on what you want to do, tell someone else because they might be able to help you with it.” – Anilu Vazquez-Ubarri

“It’s important to get mentors that think differently from you. If you’re a woman of color, waiting to be mentored by someone that looks exactly like you, you might be on short options.” – Anilu Vazquez-Ubarri

“When someone gives you feedback, make it comfortable for them to give you feedback again.” – Anilu Vazquez-Ubarri

“When you start a new job or a new responsibility, the tendency is to want to go in and just do. More time needs to be spent on setting the priorities and the strategy of upfront.” – Anilu Vazquez-Ubarri

“It is more important to understand why people are saying no to you than why they are supportive.” – Anilu Vazquez-Ubarri

About Anilu Vazquez-Ubarri:

Anilu Vazquez-Ubarri is a Partner and the Chief Human Resources Officer at TPG, based in San Francisco. Prior to joining TPG in August 2018, Anilu was with Goldman Sachs for more than 11 years, where she most recently was the firm’s Global Head of Talent and Chief Diversity Officer. Prior to Goldman Sachs, Anilu was an associate at Shearman & Sterling LLP in the Executive Compensation & Employee Benefits group from 2002 to 2007. Anilu received an AB in History and Latin American Studies, cum laude, from Princeton University and a JD from Fordham University School of Law. Anilu currently serves on the Board of LatinoJustice PRLDEF, the Fordham University School of Law Alumni Board, and has recently joined as a board member for Teach for America Bay Area regional board based in San Francisco.



LinkedIn: anilu-vazquez-ubarri-2aa67031