From Closets to Corner Offices: Empowering Queer Professionals

Episode #315

Brooke Skinner Ricketts & Monica Marquez

Co-Founders, Beyond Barriers

Celebrate Pride Month with Monica Marquez and Brooke Skinner Ricketts in this empowering episode of Beyond Barriers. Monica and Brooke share their compelling stories of coming out and breaking barriers in the corporate world.

From Brooke’s supportive activist mother to Monica’s journey of self-discovery and acceptance, their experiences highlight the importance of authenticity and inclusion.

Learn how they navigate the complexities of being queer professionals, the significance of building safe and equitable workplaces, and the value of fostering genuine curiosity about diverse perspectives.

Tune in for an inspiring discussion on the intersections of identity, leadership, and community.

Be curious about those who aren't like you.

Brooke Skinner Ricketts