Perseverance and Getting to the Yes with “The Venture Fund Blueprint” Authors Kaego Ogbechie Rust and Shea Tate-Di Donna

Episode #254

Kaego Ogbechie Rust & Shea Tate-Di Donna

“The Venture Fund Blueprint” Authors

Kaego Ogbechie Rust & Shea Tate-Di Donna describe themselves as entrepreneurial and experimental. They discovered that breaking into the venture capital world was a challenge, so they wanted to help other people (especially women)  by giving them practical steps to do what they were able to do. Their book, “The Venture Fund Blueprint” was written with this in mind.

Kaego & Shea noticed that people expected only capital when they sought funding from them, and they wanted to provide more. In this podcast, they talk about the pay-it-forward culture of the venture capital world. Their roots are in helping businesses grow and launch, and they share with us how to ask other people for help. First of all, you want to give more than you get, and secondly, you want to make it easy for others to help you (think craft the email for them.) 

We also learn from these successful women how to not take rejection personally. When asking for something like funding, you’ll hear an incredible amount of no’s to get to that yes, and that takes perseverance. In this podcast, you’ll also hear about strategies for building trust and how to prioritize your personal life. Diversity in the fund management field is a priority to Kaego & Shea, and they also share what they’re doing to promote this important topic. Even if you aren’t familiar with the venture capital world, you’ll learn a wealth of information about managing your own business in this podcast.

“One of The things we love about the VC industry is the pay it forward culture.”

Shea Tate-Di Donna & Kaego Ogbechie Rust