Optimism & Entrepreneurship with Esther Ayorinde-Iyamu

Episode 241

Esther Ayorinde-Iyamu


To get ahead and make an impact, you must know your value and have clarity on your ‘why’. Esther Ayorinde-Iyamu, Founder of talent matching platform GrowthQ shares the key factors that have driven her entrepreneurial success, including her experience as a dancer for the LA Clippers, San Francisco 49ers, and New York Jets. She attributes her success to concentrating on good things coming to her and a focus on people, innovation, and creativity.

Esther formed her first startup at age 19 from her college dorm. Her network was key to her success, and she describes the importance of depositing more into relationships than you withdraw. Esther has a clear definition of the differences between coaches, sponsors, and mentors that you will find helpful as you search for each one to help you succeed.