Defying the Odds: A journey from the Bronx to the Boardroom

Episode #317

Millie Guzman

Executive Director at Morgan Stanley

In this empowering episode of the Beyond Barriers podcast, host Monica Marquez introduces us to Millie Guzman, a dynamic executive at Morgan Stanley and a steadfast champion for the Latino community. 

Born and raised in a lively Puerto Rican family in the Bronx, Millie narrates her remarkable rise from the family's youngest child to a formidable leader in global finance. Her journey from an entry-level assistant to a top compliance officer encapsulates the challenges and triumphs of navigating the complex finance industry, where she has mastered the art of executive presence, strategic innovation, and keenly assessing the business atmosphere at every turn.

Millie also delves into how her cultural heritage and family values have not only molded her career but also her leadership approach, driving her to achieve peak performance and influence positive change.

This episode celebrates her professional growth, her passionate advocacy for Latinos, and the enduring cultural values that underpin her success and resilience in the corporate world.

Latinos are a force. We are powerful and we making a tremendous impact.

Millie Guzman