Owning Your Destiny with Jennifer Openshaw, CEO of Girls With Impact

Episode #280

Jennifer Openshaw

CEO of Girls With Impact

Early experiences often shape our entire lives. The inspiring story of our guest - Jennifer Openshaw - shows what’s possible to achieve when you choose to own your destiny. 

Being a child of divorce and watching her mother struggle as a single mom to make ends meet shaped Jennifer’s entire career journey. Her first “real” job was working as a maid in a motel while her mother worked two full-time jobs as a waitress to support the family. At an early age, she decided to make it on her own and to make a big impact. 

Now as CEO of Girls With Impact, the nation’s leading business education program for young women, she empowers women all around the world with the business and tech skills to become future leaders. 

Jennifer’s story illustrates the power of vision, determination and tenacity in your pursuits. She achieved her ambitions by looking at how other people got to where they are and always surrounding herself with a community of next level peers. She has broken barriers and paved the way for others to follow.

“I’m a believer in not taking a leap until you know what you’re leaping to.”

Jennifer Openshaw