Navigating Career Transitions: Embracing Risks, Self-Belief, and Family Support

Episode #291

Jennifer Manry

Principal of Corporate Systems at Vanguard

Looking to step into the new year with an empowered and driven approach to your career transition? Join us as Jennifer Manry, Principal of Corporate Systems at Vanguard, shares invaluable insights that can supercharge your confidence & and drive during career transitions. Uncover indispensable tools and strategies designed to infuse purpose and unwavering determination into your professional journey. 

With more than two decades as an IT professional, Jennifer embodies a treasure trove of wisdom and insight crucial for career transitions. Her evolution from a mechanical engineer to a key leader in information technology at esteemed financial institutions such as Capital One and Vanguard showcases her remarkable resilience and adaptability. As a prominent female executive in traditionally male-dominated sectors, Jennifer's journey imparts invaluable experiences and lessons, offering a distinctive outlook on embracing risks, fostering self-belief, and the importance of seeking mentorship. Her inspiring narrative not only motivates but also furnishes invaluable guidance for individuals maneuvering through career changes.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Learn valuable career journey lessons from Jennifer Manry's experiences.
  • Discover the importance of seeking mentors for career advancement.
  • Explore navigational upskilling strategies for career advancement and growth.
  • Uncover effective work-life balance and self-care strategies for a fulfilling career.

"If you fall down, get up, dust yourself off, and keep going. It's the perseverance, the resilience, the willingness to get back up that truly defines success.."

Jennifer Manry