Reframing Success: How Iliana Quinonez Transformed Challenges into Triumphs

Episode #282

Iliana Quinonez

CEO and Founder, IQ Accelerate

Iliana Quinonez boasts an impressive track record in the tech industry, having amassed over 25 years of trailblazing experiences. Showing remarkable leadership, she has helmed teams of engineers, distinguishing herself in the realm of solution engineering and stewarding software companies towards success and earning the award and title of Latina Trailblazer in Tech. Iliana is indeed a tech powerhouse and the epitome of resilience.

Iliana recently embarked on a fresh venture — the inception of her own consulting company. With a critical spotlight on advocating for Latinx women and underrepresented minorities, her firm offers catalytic startup services designed to fast-track their entrepreneurial and career trajectories.

However, Iliana's accomplishments aren't solely confined to the professional sphere. She embodies the virtues of personal resilience and determination, as exemplified by her battle with a serious health crisis. Iliana had to face a health challenge that necessitated a complex and delicate brain surgery.

But Iliana didn't merely survive this ordeal; she emerged stronger and more determined than ever. It's a powerful testament to her positive mindset and the ability to reframe challenging circumstances into unique opportunities for personal growth and evolution.

Iliana's journey reflects the boundless opportunities that emerge from embracing life's changes head-on and taking thoughtful, calculated risks. Her wealth of wisdom and experience makes her an invaluable mentor to women within the high tech industry and beyond.

Let Iliana's inspiring story encourage you to view obstacles as opportunities, just as she did. Get ready to be inspired and remember: every challenge can open up a new path to success.

"By reframing challenges as opportunities, we can create impactful change and accelerate our path to success."

Iliana Quinonez