How Sports Shaped Kraft Analytics Group’s CEO Jessica Gelman’s Career and Made Her a Leader

Episode #243

Jessica Gelman

CEO, Kraft Analytics Group (KAGR)

Jessica Gelman learned a lot about structuring her time and connecting people
when she was a point guard for her basketball team at Harvard. Now, she’s a busy
CEO, leader and mom who’s great at organizing her time and others. In this
conversation about leading, sports and relationships, Jessica shares her success
secrets and staying connected.

Jessica has always been involved in sports and feels like it has shaped who she is.
Being first at something doesn’t bother her at all, in fact, she thrives on being
different. As a mom, she finds prioritizing her time to be one of her biggest
challenges. She loves to help people, but tells us about how she has come to
terms with balancing helping others with spending time with her family. She feels
mentors and sponsors come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. Join us in this
interesting conversation about leadership in today’s world that you don’t want to

“I have found that data is an equalizer and leveled the playing field for me in the business world.”

Jessica Gelman