Curiosity and Courage: How to Redefine Personal Branding

Episode #318

Henrietta Pepper

Author, Speaker, Founder and Chief Strategist at GCJ Consultants

In this episode, host Brooke Skinner Ricketts reconnects with her longtime friend and trailblazing marketing and branding expert, Henrietta Pepper. Tune in for a dynamic and inspiring conversation as Henrietta shares her remarkable journey from her education and early career in advertising to leading her own brand communications firm for 14 years and eventually founding GCJ Consultants, where she serves as Chief Strategist.

Discover how Henrietta, a true pioneer in the industry, navigated the challenges of her career, embraced lifelong learning, and developed a revolutionary approach to personal branding that emphasizes authenticity and self-discovery. Brooke and Henrietta delve into essential themes such as giving oneself grace, overcoming imposter syndrome, and harnessing the power of continuous curiosity.

Henrietta also discusses the inspiration behind her two published books, including her latest, "Unbranded: Emerge a Brand New You." She shares invaluable insights into the significance of asking for help, fostering strong relationships, and maintaining a balance between professional and personal life. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain practical advice on building a resilient and genuine personal brand from a true industry trailblazer.

Keep being curious and keep learning. It’s through this drive forward that we make things happen.

Henrietta Pepper