Pivotal Moments: A Tale of Strategic Transitions

Episode #310

Heidi Anderson Hupe

CEO of The Nora Collective | Board Member of Solis Mammography

In this episode, you'll dive into the power of recognizing and leveraging your unique mix of skills and experiences with host Brooke Skinner Ricketts and guest Heidi Anderson Hupe, CEO of The Nora Collective. Heidi reveals her philosophy on the importance of 'leaning in' during moments of uncertainty and doubt in your career.

As a sought-after executive, independent board director and strategic advisor, Heidi has spent more than three decades building businesses and driving growth in emerging and mature B2B and B2C markets. Her knowledge spans the media, technology and healthcare industries with experience driving change in large publicly listed companies and faster-paced privately/private equity-owned and start-up companies.

She shares the pivotal moments that led her to embrace her true self, underscoring the transformative impact of authenticity on her career trajectory. Together, you'll explore how embracing career pivots and delving into diverse facets of your industry can open up new pathways for growth and fulfillment.

Tune in for an engaging narrative on self-discovery, leadership, and the art of maintaining your core identity amidst the dynamics of career evolution.

In this episode, you will be learn to:

  • Unveil the power of authenticity in business leadership and how it can transform your professional journey.
  • Discover inspiring career pivot strategies and real stories that will fuel your own transition to a fulfilling path.
  • Uncover the crucial role of sleep in achieving professional success and how it can revolutionize your productivity.
  • Conquer fears and limiting beliefs to unlock your full career potential and achieve unprecedented success.

Authenticity is powerful and goes a long way in the business world.

Heidi Anderson Hupe