Crafting Careers: The Supermums Approach to Empowering Women

Episode #305

Heather Black

Founder & CEO of Supermums

In today's episode, join our host Monica Marquez and our esteemed guest, Heather Black, Founder and CEO of Supermums, as we delve into a visionary approach to reshaping careers in the tech industry.

Heather shares her compelling story of how a pivotal career shift, driven by personal transformations, led to the creation of Supermums. This forward-thinking organization is committed to empowering women, particularly those re-entering the workforce post-maternity, by opening doors to new opportunities within the tech sector, with a special focus on Salesforce roles.

In our conversation, Heather emphasizes the critical role of recognizing transferable skills, aligning with personal values, and the game-changing effects of career coaching. She also unpacks the concept of the "ambitious women mindset," which merges goals, energy, and boundaries to cultivate success and achieve work-life integration.

Join us as we dive deep into these empowering strategies that are not just career-changing but life-transforming.

In this Episode you will learn how to:

  • Discover the abundance of Salesforce career opportunities waiting for women in tech.
  • Navigate the successful transition to a fulfilling tech career after maternity leave.
  • Uncover the vital importance of career coaching for women in the tech industry.
  • Learn the art of work-life integration, a crucial skill for working mothers in the tech world.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Visit to explore more about Salesforce careers and the Supermums organization.
  • Visit “What is a Salesforce Career?” for an in-depth overview of the career opportunities in the Salesforce industry.
  • Download our Salesforce Career Plan to find out if a Salesforce Career will suit you.
  • Purchase the book “Become a Super Salesforce Consultant” for a comprehensive guide on how to excel in the Salesforce consultant role. The book provides valuable insights and practical tips for those interested in pursuing a career in Salesforce consulting.

"Make it happen"

Heather Black