The Art of Prioritization: A Productivity Playbook

Episode #289

Hanneke Smits

Global Head of Investment Management at BNY Mellon

Embark on a three-decade journey of professional growth and resilience as Hanneke Smits takes us through her incredible career in a male-dominated field while prioritizing what matters most to her along the way.

She emphasizes the role of self-reflection, learning new things, seeking diverse perspectives, and utilizing both mentors and sponsors. These elements, combined with the tenacity to overcome hurdles, teaches us what is possible in career trajectory and achieving leadership roles. 

In this episode, you’ll find tips in:
  • Mastering the Art of Navigating Male-Dominated Industries: Learning how to thrive and excel in traditionally male-dominated workplaces as a woman.
  • Elevating Your Career with Mentorship and Sponsorship: Unlocking the secrets to accelerating your professional growth through the power of mentorship and sponsorship.
  • Unleashing Transferable Skills for Career Development: Discovering how to leverage your existing skills to pivot and succeed in new career paths.
  • Embracing Self-Reflection for Personal Growth: Exploring the transformative potential of self-reflection in achieving personal and professional growth.
  • Unveiling Time Management and Productivity Strategies: Uncovering effective strategies to maximize your productivity and time management skills for career advancement.


"Being ruthless about calendar management can be very freeing. Learn to say no as much as you say yes."

Hanneke Smits