From Competition to Collaboration: Caroline Miller on How Women Can Support Each Other to Achieve Success

Episode # 268

Caroline Miller

Keynote Speaker, Author, Facilitator, Leadership Coach

Welcome to a powerful episode that dives deep into the world of grit, goal-setting, and uplifting female relationships. Our guest, Caroline Miller, is no stranger to overcoming challenges, including overcoming bulimia during her teenage years, which was fueled by the immense pressure she faced due to her family's emphasis on excellence. In this captivating conversation, Caroline shares her insights on why women sometimes struggle to support each other, the impact of "mean girls," and how to identify a "frenemy."

Caroline's expertise draws from extensive research and real-world experience, spanning from Wall Street to prestigious schools. She offers a fresh perspective on self-promotion and reveals the hidden lessons we can learn from a unique tribe of women in southwest China.

Join us for this inspiring and eye-opening journey as we explore the intricacies of female dynamics, tackle the challenges of mean girls and frenemies, and unlock the secrets to becoming empowering leaders. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your relationships and elevate your potential.

"Set hard goals, overcome obstacles, and help other people to accomplish goals."

Caroline Miller