Fearless Success: Harnessing Opportunities with Maha Dakhil, CAA Board Member and Film Industry Leader

Episode #257

Maha Dakhil

Co-Head of Motion Picture Group & CAA Member

Maha Dakhil, the powerhouse behind Hollywood's beloved talents like Tom Cruise, Reese Witherspoon, and Natalie Portman, knows the secret to striking game-changing deals. Her journey began when she courageously chose the entertainment industry over law school, despite her immigrant parents' concerns. Maha's determination to succeed in Hollywood proved fruitful, paving her way to triumph.

Raised with sisters, Maha learned early on the power of female leadership. She carved her unique path in the entertainment world, undeterred by the lack of diversity she encountered. Embracing every opportunity, Maha's passion for empowering storytellers and productions has driven her to excel as an agent.

In this insightful podcast, Maha reveals how her fearless nature and unwavering resilience allow her to thrive. She candidly discusses embracing confrontation, standing up for clients, and balancing victories with setbacks. Maha shares the importance of remaining composed amid challenges, and imparts invaluable wisdom from her transformative journey.

“It’s important to keep our eyes open and our minds flexible to see what we can offer and what is resonating.”

Maha Dakhil