Fearless Pursuits & Unwavering Determination with Mou Dasgupta, Founder & CEO of Brook37 The Atelier

Episode #264

Mou Dasgupta

CEO Of Brook37

Discover the power of optimism, perseverance, and relentless determination in this inspiring conversation with Mou Dasgupta. As the Founder and CEO of Brook37 The Atelier (uh·teh·lee·ay), an innovative American tea brand, Mou has overcome numerous obstacles on her journey to success. Born in India, Mou learned to read and write in English but never really "spoke" the language until she was 18 years old, yet she went on to study physics and computer science before landing in the finance industry.

Facing the challenges of being a single mom with a demanding career, Mou courageously attempted to leave her job at JP Morgan three times before finally succeeding in pursuing her passion for tea production.

Mou's corporate background has been invaluable in navigating the challenges of starting a business. Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, she has been unafraid to seek help and share her story, leading to an incredible response from others and even attracting collaborators.

As a self-described trendsetter, she has infused her unique vision into every aspect of her brand, from the packaging and aroma to the sensory experience of her tea. Her authentic and transparent approach has attracted a talented team of female managers who share her commitment to producing exceptional tea while upholding their environmental and social values.

Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking inspiration or simply searching for motivation to keep pushing forward in your own ventures, this podcast is a must-listen.

“From every conversation I have, I learn something.”

Mou Dasgupta