From Shadows to Spotlight: Amplifying Women’s Access and Influence

Episode #312

Erin Gallagher

CEO + Founder of Ella / Founder of the Hype Women Movement

Join us for a compelling episode as host Brooke Skinner Ricketts delves into Erin Gallagher’s transformative journey from a marketing maven to a champion of women's empowerment and leadership.

In this inspiring discussion, Erin reveals the critical moments at the age of 40 that catapulted her from behind-the-scenes roles to a leading voice in advocacy, establishing influential platforms such as Ella and The Hype Women Movement. These initiatives not only disrupt the status quo by providing women with critical resources but also strive to create generational wealth and propel women into powerful and influential roles.

Explore the profound impact of diversity in the workplace, the significance of trusting your intuition, and strategies for overcoming imposter syndrome. Erin highlights the necessity of setting clear boundaries, embracing the power of vulnerable storytelling, and redefining traditional work-life paradigms to cultivate leadership and ensure enduring success. This episode offers a deep exploration of how facing personal challenges can ignite breakthroughs, empowering listeners to expand their influence and secure financial autonomy.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  •  Check out Ella, an inclusive network unlocking women's access to human, social and financial capital.
  • Join The Fairway, a membership and app that creates connections and a different type of ecosystem for women to build generational wealth and accelerate into positions of power and influence.
  • Check out Hype Women, a movement that encourages women to support and uplift each other, with a podcast, brand partners, and the Hype Women Book Collective featuring women disrupting systems in every sector. Don't forget to Shop all things Ella.

It's never been about ambition or ability or aspiration. It's always been about access.

Erin Gallagher