Embracing Risk, Learning, and Growth for Success

Episode #267

Dr. Virnitia Dixon

Chief Diversity Officer at Santander US

Get ready to be inspired by Dr. Virnitia Dixon, a powerhouse in the world of diversity, equity, and inclusion. With a background in insurance and strategy, Virnitia has spent her career helping organizations extract potential and build high-performing teams. After realizing her true passion for people and culture, she pursued her doctorate in organizational leadership and later transitioned into her current role as Chief Diversity Officer at Santander. Virnitia's unique approach to DEI emphasizes the power of human connection and community, making her a key voice in the industry. 

Dr. Dixon introduces and discusses the SAM model (Sponsorship, Advocacy, and Mentorship), explaining that each element carries its distinct importance in career advancement. Through mentorship programs focused on skill development, career and cultural navigation in advocacy, and social capital investment in sponsorship, individuals can maximize their opportunities for growth and success.

Don't miss the chance to learn from her insights on continuous growth and success in today's world, taking risks and leading with passion and purpose to create human connections and bridge the gaps in our society.

“Building bridges between people is the core of inclusion.”

Dr. Virnitia Dixon