Driving Success Through Imposter Syndrome: A Candid Discussion with Natalie Dawson of Cardone Ventures

Episode # 274

Natalie Dawson

Co-founder and Partner of Cardone Ventures

Ever feel like an impostor in your own success story? That's exactly the experience co-founder and partner of Cardone Ventures, Natalie Dawson, intricately navigated. She transformed this so-called 'imposter syndrome' into a secret weapon for success, thereby creating a compelling narrative of resilience and self-improvement.

Navigating the challenging waters of a high-level leadership position at 23, falling in love with a man 25 years her senior and rejecting the stereotype of the 'trophy wife'—Natalie's journey is anything but conventional. She embodies an ethos of continuous learning and improvement with her favourite mantra, 'Google that shit'. Encouraging her team to tackle the unfamiliar with relentless curiosity is testament to her groundbreaking approach.

An Amazon best-selling author, Natalie offers in-depth insight into her successful methodology in her book, 'TeamWork.' She shares wisdom on constructing efficient teams and embracing pressure as a privileged opportunity. Her take on mentorship is to keep queries specific and purposeful, rather than a vague 'can I pick your brain?'

If you find your inner voice bombarding you with doubts, questioning your rightful position at the table, this powerful podcast will serve as an inspiring guide. Tune in, gain insights, and empower your journey with Natalie Dawson. Be sure to subscribe, share and leave us a review. Let's redefine success together!

“Pressure is a privilege.”

Natalie Dawson