Understanding Imposter Syndrome: Strategies for Becoming a Humble Realist with Expert Dr. Valerie Young

Episode #282

Dr. Valerie Young

Co-Founder | Imposter Syndrome Institute

Are you tired of feeling like an imposter, questioning your abilities, and holding unrealistic expectations? Do you have these myths floating in your head, like - Everyone else has it all figured out, Success means never doubting yourself, and Competence requires perfection? In this episode, our guest expert, Dr. Valerie Young, co-founder of the Impostor Syndrome Institute, will debunk these myths and share the truth about building realistic expectations and accepting self-doubt. Dr. Young is widely considered the leading thought leader on impostor syndrome and its impact on individuals' lives. Her expertise and insights have made her a highly sought-after speaker and author, and she continues to make significant contributions in the field.

Through her work, Dr. Young discovered that at the core of impostor feelings lies the presence of unrealistic and unsustainable expectations about competence. Armed with this knowledge, she embarked on a mission to help individuals recognize and challenge these beliefs, ultimately empowering them to overcome self-doubt and embrace their true capabilities. 

Whether you struggle with imposter syndrome or know someone who does, this episode is a must-listen. Dr. Young's wisdom and guidance will help you gain self-awareness, build realistic expectations, and navigate the challenges of impostor syndrome. So grab your headphones and get ready to be inspired and empowered.

"The only way to stop feeling like an imposter is to stop thinking like an imposter and become a humble realist."

Dr. Valerie Young