Unleashing the Power of Brain Science with Dr. Britt Andreatta

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Dr. Britt Andreatta

CEO of Brain Aware Training

In a world where productivity and fulfillment seem elusive, one woman took an unconventional path to unlocking their secrets. From academia to neuroscience, Dr. Britt Andreatta delved deep into the mysteries of the brain, uncovering a remarkable twist that would change everything. From her early days as a university program director to her former role as the Chief Learning Officer at Lynda.com (now LinkedIn Learning), she has continuously pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the field of education. Her latest book, Wired to Become, delves into the fascinating connection between happiness and purpose, offering practical insights for individuals seeking fulfillment in their work. As an esteemed author, speaker, and consultant, Dr. Andreatta's brain-based training methods have revolutionized the way companies and individuals approach productivity and personal growth. Get ready to be inspired as Dr. Andreatta shares her wealth of knowledge and experience on leveraging brain science for enhanced productivity.

“All great leaders are great learners.”

Dr. Britt Andreatta