Don’t Be Perfect, Be Brave with Jen Coffey, Global Head of Immersive Learning

Episode #265

Jen Coffey

Global Metaverse Learning Manager

Jen Coffey is a risk taker. Getting her start in event planning, she later found herself in training and then developing training for Accenture. She is a leader in the learning environment of the Metaverse, which was a welcomed risky adventure for her company. As a certified Scrum Master, she sees how to streamline processes to achieve goals. That combined with her willingness to take risks makes her an invaluable part of Accenture. 

Jen expresses that she has limiting beliefs and experiences the Imposter Syndrome just like the rest of us. But, when she’s struggled with asking for help along the way, she’s turned to her network and personal board of directors which have been positive forces in her life. She’s used these networks to make things happen. Jen believes it’s important to have people in your life that push you to be better. 

Jen doesn’t just want to train and work in the Metaverse though, she wants to make an impact. It’s important to her that she shows other people the value she sees in them. She thinks we all need to speak up and voice our ideas rather than sit back and not make any waves. More evidence that she’s a risk-taker. 

To ground herself, Jen makes her family time a priority, emphasizing to her kids that it’s more important to be brave than perfect. Jen herself makes brave decisions regardless of what people say. When she’s not at work, Jen distracts herself and keeps her hands busy by making jewelry and writing her thoughts down in a journal. If you’re feeling a little timid and don’t know what your next step should be, this podcast with Jen Coffey is for you.

“It’s all about being brave and not being perfect.”

Jen Coffey