The Value of Mentors, Transparency, and Diversity of Thought with Dominica Ribeiro, Chief Marketing and Distribution Officer at Breckinridge

Episode #279

Dominica Ribeiro

CMO at Breckinridge

Be Fearless, Be Bold, Be You. This is a mantra that Dominica Ribeiro shares with us in today’s podcast, and it is one that she herself has lived. Dominica started her career in finance when she walked into a firm after graduating high school and asked for a job. 27 years later, she is Chief Marketing and Distribution Officer at Breckinridge, a leading asset manager firm. Dominica is as wise as she is brilliant.  She gained her fierce independence and work ethic from her mother who taught her to work hard and not to depend on anyone else for what you want. 

Dominica shares how she nurtures the ideas of those around her at every level, and how her experience seeking mentors who don’t look like her, has paid dividends for her career. 

She is a leader who is adept at building her own brand and is always focused on the positive. She shares how her dual roles of Executive and parent have taught her lessons about communication, negotiation, and strategy. We learned so much from this conversation and we hope you will too. 

"Be fearless, be bold, but be you."

Dominica Ribeiro