Discover Your Voice: Overcoming Barriers to Effective Communication - Jessica Doyle-Mekkes

Episode #269

Jessica Doyle-Mekkes

Head of Musical Theatre at East Carolina University

This conversation features the charismatic Jessica Doyle-Mekkes, a woman on a mission to transform women's approach toward public speaking. Rooted in her background as a performer and the head of East Carolina University's Musical Theater program, Jessica's unique insights aid women in breaking through traditional communication barriers. Her engaging work showcases the critical connection between performance anxiety in the arts and public speaking, offering women much-needed tactics to overcome fears, boost their confidence, and amplify their voices without fail.

A seasoned performer and vocal coach, Jessica found a new passion in empowering women through their voices. Encouraged by the brilliant women in her life, Jessica embarked on a journey to help others articulate their needs and tackle tough conversations confidently. Her unique approach was shaped by her years of experience in the arts, her knowledge of voice research, and her work in combating performance anxiety. Jessica believes that the power of one's voice lies in muscular strength and proper hydration. Her emphasis on practical techniques like focusing on breath, maintaining abdominal flexibility, and preparing for different situations, has proved to be a real game-changer for many women, helping them reclaim their voice and use it more fearlessly. If you’re struggling with using your voice and looking for practical insights, this podcast is for you. 

“The voice itself is largely made up of skeletal muscle, the same muscle we work in the gym, and so it can be trained.”

Jessica Doyle-Mekkes