The Power of Partnerships with Daphne Kis, CEO of WorldQuant University

Episode #277

Daphne Kis

CEO of WorldQuant University

Daphne Kis, CEO of WorldQuant University, got her strong work ethic as a child of immigrant parents. Her mom always encouraged her to find a career path that was engaging. This provided her a guiding principle to find meaning in her work and to create a path and fill it. 

Daphne is a risk-taker. She believes we have to understand how much risk we are willing to take and be willing to make new mistakes all the time. In fact, we should make mistakes and then beg for forgiveness. For Daphne, patience breeds change, and being a change agent is critical. She talks about how data science is the means and not the end and why women are disproportionately represented in the field of analytics. 

Join us while Daphne has an interesting discussion with us about how the process is more important than the outcome. She shares her take on the paralysis that comes when faced with too many choices and the problem when needing to optimize every decision. Daphne also talks about the impact of economic insecurity and if a company really wants to retain employees, they should offer amazing health insurance! 

On a personal note, Daphne likes to build things. She’s a social person who enjoys partnerships with other people and sharing ideas with them. Learn more about how she turns everything off in order to stay grounded.

“I am a bigger believer in the process than the outcome.”

Daphne Kis