Creating Opportunities for Others and Working with Intention Featuring Sarah Chen-Spellings, Co-Founder of Beyond The Billion

Episode #249

Sarah Chen-Spellings

Co-Founder of Beyond The Billion

Sarah Chen-Spellings had the rare opportunity to know what it was like to be a success from a young age. By 9, she was already a TV host in Malaysia, and by 25, she was wise beyond her years and already part of teams writing multi-million investment checks. After her father died, she was called to manage the family business and quickly learned the art of grit, resilience, and the power of business from this experience. 

However, before her father died, he encouraged her to work in the corporate world. Through that experience, she learned to turn her convictions into her work and believes that having a strong community and positive mentors are important for success. She believes it is necessary to help other women and people of color move up the ladder and create opportunities for them to be a part of upper management that was once not possible. 

Even with all of her successes, Sarah can still feel like she’s failing sometimes. She honestly shares why and how she focuses on what’s possible to overcome these feelings. She also shares how she evaluates risks, manages her time, and puts family first. Referring to herself as an activated accidental feminist, “Go big or go home” is a motto for Sarah, and we learn how true that’s been for her life in this podcast.

"My style is to go big or go home always, and if I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it well."

Sarah Chen-Spellings