21ST Century Leadership: Fostering Inclusivity and Empathy

Episode #308

Corey Jones

Co-Founder & CEO, PrismWork

On this episode of the Beyond Barriers Podcast, our host Brooke Skinner Ricketts welcomes Corey Jones, a visionary who has journeyed from engineering to the forefront of executive leadership as Co-Founder and CEO of PrismWorkToday we dive into a much needed conversation about re-thinking how we interact with each other at the workplace.

Corey’s story is not just about career transition but about revolutionizing leadership in an era where change is the only constant. With a focus on the pandemic’s impact on the workplace, Corey discusses the critical aspects of leadership that cater to the holistic needs of employees. 

Listen as we explore the transformative power of empathy and inclusivity in crafting a successful organizational culture.

In this Episode you will learn how to:

  • Master the transition from corporate to entrepreneurship empowers you to take charge of your career path.
  • Embrace creative leadership in business fuels innovation and sets your company apart in the market.
  • Cultivate cultures of belonging in the workplace fosters a sense of inclusivity and boosts employee morale.
  • Embrace humility and resilience in leadership builds trust and inspires your team to overcome challenges.
  • Leverage community for business growth opens doors to new opportunities and expands your network.

It's time for us to care about the people that we're working with on a real level.

Corey Jones