Conquering a Confidence Crisis with Lisa Donahue, Co-Head of Americas & Asia at AlixPartners

Episode #261

Lisa Donahue

Co-Head of the Americas & Asia regions at AlixPartners

Join us as Lisa Donahue, Co-Head of the Americas & Asia regions at AlixPartners, shares her inspiring journey of overcoming fear and self-doubt to achieve success. From her first day as CEO to her current role, Lisa reveals the importance of nurturing relationships, seeking support, and embracing the learning process. Discover how she tackles challenges, raises new perspectives, and embraces the power of course correction.

In this candid conversation, Lisa emphasizes the value of asking questions, learning from failure, and accepting that we'll always have critics. Plus, get a glimpse into her personal life as she opens up about her Irish Catholic family's influence and the importance of being present for loved ones. Tune in to this empowering episode and learn to conquer your own crises of confidence. 

“You’re always going to find a point where you need some support from somebody.”

Lisa Donahue