Reimagining Equity: A Vision for a More Inclusive Investment Landscape

Episode #311

Caroline Kung

Founder and Managing Partner of SagePath Capital

In today’s episode, the focus is on uncovering the human-centric revolution happening within the private equity sector, challenging the norm of focusing solely on financial transactions. 

Hosted by Nikki Barua, the episode features Caroline Kung, a visionary leader and the founder of SagePath Capital. Caroline shares her journey from a first-generation immigrant with humble beginnings to becoming a transformative figure in private equity, executing three billion dollars in transactions while creating value at portfolio companies. Her commitment extends beyond traditional investment strategies, aiming to nurture genuine connections and advocate for diverse, purpose-driven entrepreneurs. 

The episode explores Caroline's strategic initiatives for fostering business growth and the inception of the Beacon Program, which sets new standards by equipping diverse business owners with essential financial knowledge, expanding their potential for growth and impact in their communities.

You're never going to know the outcome if you don't make a decision.

Caroline Kung