What Do You Want To Be Known For

Episode #4

Nikki Barua + Monica Marquez

How do you gain clarity? In this episode, Nikki Barua and Monica Marquez explain how they found their passions and identified their unique skills.

Change is constant; the only species that survive are the ones that adapt to the change. The challenge in innovation is about anticipating change and adapting quickly. Nikki built her reputation as an innovation expert and has guided people and organizations in adapting to change quickly. That’s why she is known as the Darwin of the Digital Age.

Early in her career, Nikki would attempt to fit into a box and define herself narrowly. However, she learned that your unique skill is something that comes effortlessly. Nikki discovered that her unique skill is her ability to see the big picture, connect-the-dots, and recognize patterns. Nikki says that to grow your impact, you must find the most significant platform where you can reach the most people, solve their problems and deliver massive value.

Monica always had a knack for finding creative solutions to problems. She didn’t see the lack of resources or tools as a limitation. Instead she had a gift in being resourceful and creative to solve the most challenging problems. She discovered that her unique skill was creativity and resourcefulness and it was something people valued greatly.

Monica wants to help other underdogs figure out the way and find opportunities. She takes her creativity and resourcefulness to pave the way for other underdogs. That’s why she is known as the McGyver of the Marginalized.

“Identify the largest platform, share the message, and create opportunities for others to become aware.”

Monica Marquez