Using Your Privilege To Drive Equity & Inclusion with Culture Amp’s Aubrey Blanche

Episode 67

Aubrey Blanche

Global Head of Equitable Design & Impact at Amp

When you hear the terms, “Privilege or White Privilege”, what comes to mind for you? Do you immediately think of white people and attach the stigma of racism with it? If you answered yes, or your answer leaned towards yes…then YOU my friend, need to pause and disrupt your thinking. Because, the irony is that you, yourself, just exhibited negative unconscious biased behaviors. But, don’t beat yourself up, we ALL do this to some extent. It’s human nature. The key is to make the choice to CHANGE.

In this episode, Aubrey Blanche, Global Head of Equitable Design & Impact at Culture Amp discusses and shares how we should all be using our individual privileges to help other marginalized groups. Especially in this current “awakened environment” of racial and economic inequities.

“What you say about yourself is what you believe in, it will become true because that’s where your energy is going.”

Aubrey Blanche